Hazy Dream (Photoshop CS4 - CC)


Hazy Dream is meant to do just that. It will bring a dreamy haze to all of your photos. This set was meticulously created to be able to use on all types of photos, inside and out. Dark or light. It’s so gentle and versatile and can be used on all types of portraits: newborns, children, families, weddings and more. Included in the set is an action to cut the haze to allow your subjects to remain the focus, while still leaving it dreamy. Also included in the set, is a video of Emily editing different photos using each individual action in the set so you can see how they run. Enhance your sun, infuse your light, make your photos turn into gentle and soft magic. Allow your photos to look in print as you envision them through your lens. Not only are these actions beautiful to run one by one, layer them to make your photo totally your own.

LIGHT ENHANCERS: Light Base 1 • Light Base 2 • Light Infusion • Gentle Shadow Lift

HAZES: Simple Hazes • Perfect Haze • Starlight • Warm Sunny Day • Summer Day Gentle Sunset • Spring Blossom • Perfect Snow • Warm Glow • Peach Essence Pink Spring • Gentle Hazy Matte • Hazy Pop Matte • Colorful and Neural Hazy Edges

FINISHING STEPS: Warm the Haze • Cut the Haze • Deepen Color • Paint Back Color • Sharpen