Enchantment (PSE 8 and up)


Emily Lucarz's Enchantment action set for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements,was created to give you the opportunity to create something magical. Included in the set is 'Emily's Secret" which can be noted as her signature look to get extra dreamy backgrounds either indoors or out. This set contains everything from basic adjustments, to gentle skin actions to incredible hazes, mattes, tones and deep romantic blurs. Emily has created the bring it forward action to help keep your photos hazy but allow your subject to be minimally popped out. It's her most popular action within the Dream in Color set and it can be found in Enchantment as well. Enchantment contains 35 unique actions to help you create magical imagery. Enchantment was created as the sister action set to Dream in Color. It can be used to create enchanting outdoor images, or to create soft, hazy and/or matte indoor images. You have complete creative control with each action. All of Emily's action sets were created to be able to be used together.

Dramatize • Light Pop • Paint on Deep Color
• Save the Highlights • Warmer
Gentle Red Skin Removal • Make Me Peachy
Darker Eyelashes • Pop Catchlights • Soft Skin
Radiate • Spellbound
Fairy Dust • Firefly • Glass Slipper • Misty Wood
Nostalgia • Persephanie • Pixie • Tinkerbell
Stardust • Wish • Whisp • Charm
HAZES: Earth • Orchid • Soft Haze • Sunrise
Wood • Woody Matte
Bring it Forward • Smolder Vignette
Gentle Grain • Sharpen

There are TWO files in this set. ONE for PSE 8-10, the other for easy loading PSE11. If you upgrade your Elements program, you have the upgrade already here! :)

NOTE: Due to this being a digital file there are NO refunds. You are responsible for knowing how to upload and run actions. If you need help, please look at the links attached within your zip file as well as my video tutorials on my blog.