Dream in Black and White (Photoshop CS4-CC)


Photoshop versions 4 and up

Dream in black and white has everything you would ever need in a black and white set. From clean and pure, to dramatic and romantic, hazy, soft or matte. It contains different enhancements to put on top of your black and white edit, to make it yours. This set also was created with keeping dramatic color edits in mind. Turn off the black and white layers within the sets to create stunning color images. This set is available for Photoshop as well as Photoshop Elements.

FIRST STEPS: Contrast • Lighten • Darken • Lift Midtones Lift Shadows
Black and White Actions: Purity • Serenity • Bliss • Allure • Muse • Reverie
FINAL TOUCHES: Brighten • Center Light • More Contrast • Depth Warmer • Matte • Dessert • Wildflower Evening Dress • Day Dress • Vintage Newspaper Grain • Save the Highlights • Sharpen