Dream in Color (Photoshop CS4 - CC)


Designed to reflect Emily Lucarz's editing style, the Dream Set will help you do just that. This action set was created for the photographer shooting indoors aiming to create whimsical, soft and airy images, or outdoors using the airy hazes and drama matte to create a magical ethereal look. This action also works really well on all flokati rugs, making them soft and dreamy while giving you options to have tonal overlays. Boudoir photographers will love it for the light touches and glow finishes, which look stunning on adult skin.

You will find soft multi layer hazes, light and deep matte finishes, softening actions, actions that make your photos pop as well as whimsical colors which enhance the most basic white clean photo.

All layers are customizable to your liking. These actions are easy to use and gentle enough for those with more color.


1. It is illegal to share, e-mail, copy or alter this action in any way. By doing so you are breaking the law and open to large fines.
2. Once your purchase this action, because it's a digital download, there are NO REFUNDS.
3. You are responsible for knowing how to upload and install AND RUN your actions. If you need help, please visit the link attached in the zip file as well as the video tutorials on my blog

Thank you for understanding.