The Clean Set (LR 4 and up)


This Lightroom preset is everything you can imagine it is to create clean images with 1 click. Containing 31 different presets, there is not 1 preset which is "fluff" or an added preset just to fill the set. Each preset can be used individually to create magic in your image without it looking over processed.
There are 2 sets of each action. The first one will get rid of green and yellow color casts in homes that pull yellow or green. The second, the neutral set, keeps your white balance as it.

Did you shoot inside and have some yellow that is hard to get rid of? Have you always dreamed of having beautiful clean images, both inside and out, but can't seem to get the look you want? Did you have to underexpose an image in order to preserve detail, but wanted it brighter? This is the set for you. Both color presets and clean black and whites will transform your work into clean beauty.

Included in the set is a video tutorial on how to use this set to its fullest potential as well as other video links to view the set in action. The clean set can be used on both underexposed and overexposed images.

Thank you to Nicole J Photography for the beautiful wedding images

+PLEASE NOTE: Emily is not responsible for teaching you how to install or use presets.

Due to the nature of this product, it is non-refundable but Emily will be happy to help with any bumps you may run into.